Everything with Words is an independent publisher of literary fiction

Everything with Words publishes literary fiction for children and adults. We began publishing fiction for children in 2017 and literary fiction for adults in 2020. Our books have been picked as books of the year by The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, FT, Observer, Spectator and Telegraph, and won or been short listed for prestigious prizes.

We only publish fiction. We publish high quality, innovative, engaging fiction for both children and adults. We are open to submission from both agents and authors. We do NOT publish PICTURE BOOKS, children’s books with a strong moral or didactic aim, adult fantasy or crime. We do not publish chapter books for children or children’s books that are less than forty thousand words. We try to respond to every query but we do receive a lot of submissions.

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Hannah Moffatt


Out June 16th 2022

Hannah is a creative director at a language and behavioural science consultancy. Hannah loves playing with language, as you’ll see in her brilliant comic debut, Small! The story of a boy on stilts in a world of giants. Can he survive?

‘A GIANT triumph! Funny, creative and heart-warming. I adored everything from the hilarious giant-school timetables to the swampfish and bogweed sandwiches. And who wouldn’t want a best friend like Walloping Toenail? Loved this MG’
—Annabel Steadman, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief