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Everything with Words publishes literary fiction for children and adults. We began publishing fiction for children in 2017 and literary fiction for adults in 2020. We’ve received some wonderful critical response with our books being picked as books of the year by The Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, FT, Observer, Spectator andTelegraph .

We only publish fiction. We publish high quality, innovative, engaging fiction for both children and adults. We are open to submission from both agents and authors. We do NOT publish PICTURE BOOKS, children’s books with a strong moral or didactic aim, adult fantasy or crime. We do not publish chapter books for children or children’s books that are less than forty thousand words. We try to respond to every query but we do receive a lot of submissions.

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Michael Egan

Circles a Clover, Published October 21 2021

The story of a young girl, Kyle Halfpenny, whose father believes the world is going to end.

Circles a Clover explores the fine line between real and imagined, the impact of isolation and bad choices.

‘Haunting , intricate—there’s a dark magic to the world Egan explores and well observed attention to the beauty and murk of the everyday. An extraordinary talent.’  Jenn Ashworth

Egan does have a way of melding beauty and darkness that shocks and stays with the reader. Michael began as a poet and his narrative style is light, subtle and lyrical. He is intrigued by how much most people, however ordinary they seem, live as much in fantasy as in real life and how the line between the two is often blurred. It is this blurred line that is finely explored in Circles a Clover.

October 21st