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My Life in Orbit

Richard Blandford


June 13th 2024









A sharply observed cocktail of the unexpected— everything happens in a dull town...

The narrator whom we only know by his nickname, Fantasticus Autisticus is about to meet his daughter for the first time.

He goes for his usual walk, his orbit, while rehearsing his life story in anticipation for a surprise meeting with a daughter he didn’t know existed.

He’s sharply observant, though being autistic he rarely comments on the obvious and the result is a narrative full of unintended irony and vision.

His inner voice, called Daddy, orders him to tell his story: his childhood brought up by a single mother, whom he remembers as ‘ always young’, his obsession with an obscure comic  series , how he exposed a sinister religious movement, the mysterious death of a friend, and the accidental affair which produced his daughter — using different styles, from fairy tale to literary fiction.

And all the while he is walking, meeting fellow orbiters doing their walk in a dull town, where everything happens.

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