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The Others

Sarah Merrett










Historical magical  realism  with a touch of sci-fi. An epic battle between extraterrestrials and an evil professor

Reuben lives in an observatory with his astronomer grandma who is determined to win the Guzman prize, based on a real historical French prize.
This prize was the sum of 100,000 francs, to be given toa person who succeeded in communicating with extraterrestrials. Mars was ruled out as being too close, and too easy because life definitely exists on Mars!
Grandma has a competitor, the evil professor Pinfield. Reuben isn’t allowed to leave the observatory but one day he sneaks out and discovers an alien whom he calls Blue. Professor Pinfield wants to capture Blue and put her in a cage.
Can Reuben save Blue? And who is Reuben and why did Grandma never allow him out of the observatory?

Prepare for a stellar showdown that ranks among my favourite reads this year… Reuben’s quest to save an extraterrestrial friend from a sinister professor takes readers on a thrilling cosmic ride to explore the magic and meaning of courage, connection, difference and discovery. Weaving together threads of the past and the mysteries of the universe, it invites you to journey on an adventure that will not only touch your heart but ignite your imagination and captivate your curiosity. For those craving a voyage beyond the stars, this tale is an absolute orbit of wonder.


– Scott Evans, The Reader Teacher

Eerie and exciting-  it will shock and surprise you. Like a middle-grade H.G.Wells!

– Kieran Larwood, Podkin One-Ear

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