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Night of Tiny Suns

Edward King


£ 10.99


October 24th 2024





198 mm x 129 mm



Tensions are already running high between the Taliban and local villagers when a boy is killed

Captain Nick Russell is an advisor to the Afghan National Army and commands a small group of soldiers. When the Taliban co-opt a local youth to assist in seeding improvised mines, they inadvertently turn the villagers against them. The boy is killed by a British missile. His father, a Mujahideen veteran, Gul Khan, blames himself. Bound by the Pashtun honour code to seek vengeance, he chooses to direct his retribution not at the British but at the local Taliban leader, Haji Mansur who gave him twenty dollars for his son’s life.

Nick forges a strong, personal bond with Gul Khan. Haji Mansur plans revenge. The climax is brutal as each fails to protect those they care for most. The narrative moves between perspectives with clinical precision, forcing the reader to empathise with all sides.

An intimate account of the shared experience of war: fear, courage, boredom, exhaustion, the ugliness of death, the brutal sped of events. The main characters have sharp, conflicting loyalties—to causes, family, lovers, comrades in arms, collective ideas— and are haunted by feelings of isolation, flimsy self-esteem, their own past, a sense of honour and a desire for purpose in the confusion of war.

For readers of The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer; From the City, from the Plough, by Alexander Baron; Rain, by Barney Campbell.

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