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The World between the Rain

Susan Cahill


October 24th 2024





198mm x 129



Marina has vanished to a world of gods and demons just when her family need her most

It’s the week before Halloween and Marina is about to
turn thirteen. Her father died a year ago. Her mother has strangely fallen asleep and no-one can wake her. She is sent to live with her mysterious grandmother, Ursula who tells her that that you can enter a strange world between the ever falling rain in the west of Ireland. Marina enters a haunting watery world full of strange creatures, demons and gods. Meanwhile, in our world a strange sleeping sickness has taken over.

A haunting fantasy thriller that is also about grief and letting go of the demons inside yourself.


A startling, unforgettable, and deeply moving story, featuring a heroine whose courage and sense of adventure will stay with you long after her tale is told. Unique, remarkable, and uniquely remarkable.

– Sinéad O’Hart

This magical, warm, gorgeous, moving book captured my heart completely. I loved it.

– Louise O’Neill, award winning author of Idol

A beautiful, poignant and magical read about family life, loss, and the importance of having a good scream every now and then! Loved it.

– Lou Abercrombie, author of Coming up for Air

This incredible story ebbs and flows, tugging at the reader like a tide and washing them through magical lands and Alice In Wonderland dreamscapes.  With touches of Studio Gibli and Susan Cooper – but written with dew-drop clarity – it’s an original, absorbing and utterly beautiful read.

– Rachel Delahaye

Both seething and dreamlike, a young girl’s wild and terrific journey through deep loss and self discovery

– Eve McDonnell

Beautifully written, magical, mysterious and addictive.

– Jenny McLachlan

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