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The Last Boy

Eve McDonnell


September 12th 2024









A wish for a wish

From the critically acclaimed author of The Chestnut Roaster a magical page-turner inspired by the true story of George Brewster, the last child chimney sweep. Brewster has been sold to a cruel Master Sweep to risk his life up the narrow jungle of chimneys to reach the sky. But Brewster has a SECRET: he’s a wizard with numbers and he’s predicted a terrifying storm of stars. Upon each star he’ll cast his passionate wish to be the last climbing boy EVER. When a powerful woman offers to make his wish come true, Brewster is challenged to do something impossible in return…A WISH FOR A WISH!

Exciting, enthralling, and engrossing, with a Leviathan-sized heart, this story shines brighter than Brewster’s Comet

– Sinead O’Hart

 Eve Mc Donnell’s luminous prose is a joy in this book –it shines a light on a dark thread in human history and brings its players vividly to life. A triumph!

– Patricia Forde Laureate na nÓg

A beautiful, moving story etched with historical detail and fusing magic, science and wonder.

– Hannah Gold, author of The Last Bear

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