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The Tall Man

Mary Cathleen Brown


May 23rd 2024









A time slip adventure with a touch of horror. Can the mysterious boy in the cellar escape the Tall Man?

Tom has just moved to an eerily tall house known as the Tall Man’s House. Tom hears a boy in the cellar offering a ‘special’ acorn  to a rat, Captain Rat, whom he begs to find the key to his leg-iron. The cellar is empty but Tom knows that the boy is real and he’s convinced that he is trapped in a brutal past and the Tall’s Man’s prisoner. Each time he tries to help the boy, the Tall Man who haunts the house becomes more menacing.

The village is alive with stories about the Tall Man, dead two hundred years but still fiercely alive whenever Tom slips into the past that haunts the Tall Man’s house.

Can Tom and Captain Rat save the boy in the cellar?

A chilling, thrilling time-travel mystery. The Tall Man casts a long, dark shadow in this gripping tale.

– Phil Hicks

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