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Interviews with dragons

I met my first dragonoligst  on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. He drew dragons in the sand explaining their…

Once in a Blue Moon, a book for young readers full of magic and humour gets great review in Kirkus

Great review in Kirkus  of  Once in a Blue Moon by Miranda Twist, a brilliantly funny  book for children, nine…

Fox in winter sun

There's a winter sun playing around my garden, no wind, bright air and a fine cold that wraps you round,…

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About Everything With Words

Everything with Words is a small independent publisher of  children's books. We publish quality books by new talent and well known authors. Stories with intriguing plots  and memorable characters—books you can't put down. We like books that give you goose bumps and books that make you laugh. I am an author and translator. I set up Everything with Words. ..Read more →