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King Bones— a comic fantasy with skeletons…

A comic fantasy adventure story —with skeletons— set in modern day England.

‘Being good at being bad is easy. Almost anyone can do it. But being truly evil requires practice. Lots of practice.’
When Danny’s parents are imprisoned for stealing the Crown jewels, he is sent to live with his evil Aunty Ratbag in the grim town of Greezy. How will Danny survive as the most hated child in England?

Then, in the murky town of Greezy, he meets King Bones. And King Bones has a mission for Danny…

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The Elephant that Ate the Night, Bing Bai and Yuanyuan Shen

'Feels like a classic. This Book has SOUL' Sophie Anderson, The House on Chicken Legs Zhazha the porcupine and his friends  Duoduo the bear cub

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Notes on My Family by Emily Critchley

Enter the world of Louise Coulson through her notes on her family, school and friends. Lou is a perceptive outsider who takes notes as if she were holding a film camera silently fixed on a world that tends to ignore her . Her revenge is a perfect image, sharp, subtle and full of humour. Here they all are: her dad who is in a relationship with a sixth former, Sarah her moody sister, her mum who tries to burn all memories in a saucepan and has a ‘brief psychotic episode’ , her nan who goes to seances, her friend Faith who has six parents ( all gay) as well as Lou’s dog and parents in her alternative universe.

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Maxim’s All Night Diner

Annabel is doing research on witches in London—there are plenty of them if you just know where to look and not just in London, but in New York too, hiding in Grand Central Station. In fact, everywhere— beneath the dull surface of the everyday—lurks the world of magic. Annabel meets Patrick, the seventh son of a seventh son, and gets taken to Maxim’s All Night Diner where witches, trolls and goblins meet and tell their awesome stories but before you can listen to any of them, you have to accept that there is a risk: you may become part of a story and never escape. All stories have a beginning, but not all of them have an end…

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Once In A Blue Moon

Henry knows that there’s magic in the wood—magic that can turn evil when the moon is blue. Once in a blue moon everything can happen and now the moon is blue. Deep in the wood behind Henry garden, trolls, invisible crocodiles, witches and strange creatures—the garingay and the yo yitsoo— are celebrating Grandpa Yo Yitsoo’s birthday on a pirate ship. Henry’s dad doesn’t believe in magic—he knows twenty-six reasons why trolls don’t exist— but now he’s been turned into something with the head of pelican and the tail of a fox and put in a cage. There he will remain, unless Henry, his sister Lucy, the smallest troll in the world and a monkey faced creature called Fiendish can defeat Grandpa and Grandma Yo Yitsoo and the wicked garingay…

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Dylan and the Deadly Dimension

After his mother’s death, Dylan lives on his own with his father. Changing schools all the time, he escapes into fantasy world of books. Then strange things start to happen: a snake appears in the bathroom, unpredictable and sinister creatures from other realities emerge out of dark clouds. Dylan befriends Rollo, an egg shaped being from another reality, and discovers that our world is about to be devoured by the Deadly Dimension. This can only be stopped if Dylan can discover the dark secret of Mr. Ebenezer’s bookshop…

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We Other

Jess Morgan’s life has always been chaotic. When a startling new reality cannot be denied, it’s clear that everything she believed about herself is a lie. She is linked to a world where humans – ‘hot-bloods’ – are disposable entertainment. Life on a run-down estate – her single mum’s alcoholism and violent boyfriend – become the least of Jess’s worries.

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