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The Narzat

Luke Marchant


May 9th 2024









Packed with humour, funny illustrations and lots of warmth. Warning very funny.

The Narzat lives in the Jumble Jungle Wood with his friends the Looky  Lizard (a feisty reptile who communicates through sign language) and the Chatty Chirper (a comically talkative bird who never shuts up). Little is known about how the Narzat arrived there, but he wears a necklace bearing a meaningful inscription.

The Jumble Jungle Wood is full of animals you’d love to meet because they’re fun and friendly but some, like the roaring Ravenoserous are absolutely lethal.

One day two villains arrive, Lord and Lady Snide, armed with guns and a fierce desire for furs and the Narzat’s necklace…

A kooky comic debut

– Charlotte Eyre, The Bookseller

Wickedly Funny

– Mary Rees, Book Craic

This book is a delightful blend of humour and heart that guarantees to captivate readers of all ages. At its core, The Narzat is a tale of friendship, bravery and the power of standing up for what’s right. With its laugh-out-loud moments, loveable characters and lighthearted adventure, it’s an original and uniquely quirky tale and a must-read for anyone seeking a whimsical escape into an imaginative world where absolutely anything is possible!

– Scott Evans, the Reader Teacher

Imaginary worlds don’t come more funny, fantastical and downright wacky than this delightful comic debut.  Packed with the equally zingy and zany illustrations of Rory Walker, this hilarious and warm-hearted adventure stars the lovable Narzat.  Featuring goodies to love and baddies to boo, The Narzat is a visual and verbal delight as Marchant and Walker harness their considerable talents on an all-action romp that packs in everything that young readers adore. A sure-fire winner with mischief-makers!

– Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

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