The Acrobats of Agra


“Prove to me you are the Acrobats of Agra & you will live”

India, 1857. Beatrice Spelling is walking a tightrope. Caught in the chaos of the Indian Rebellion, one false step and it’s the end for her, Ali Shah and Jacques the acrobat. If they’re to save Tonton, the circus tiger, and find Bea’s missing brother they must risk everything. Guided by Pingali, they escape the besieged city of Agra and begin a dangerous journey across war-torn India that will test their friendship – and circus skills – to the limit.

From the author of The Tzar’s Curious Runaways, the unforgettable tale of a circus, three brave orphans and a tiger caught in the Indian rebellion of 1857.
In the ancient city of Agra, in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, three children from different parts of the world forge a friendship to save a tiger, find a lost brother and MAKE THE SHOW GO ON. The circus must survive!


—A magical tale based on the true story of a lost French circus during the Indian rebellion. A breath-taking adventure.  School Zone, Librarian’s book choice  5/5 star.

—Set against the backdrop of the 1857 Indian Rebellion, three children begin a dangerous journey across the war-torn country in a magic-realist adventure of tigers, circus skills and Hindu gods. Bookseller previews October 2020

Listen to Robin talk about his inspiration for   The Acrobats of Agra

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198mm x 129mm








September 2020


Robin Scott-Elliot