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Sweet Skies

Robin Scott-Elliot


6 July 2023









A spine chilling story about survival, betrayal and self-discovery at the time of the Berlin air-lift.

Berlin, 1948. A city besieged. A boy reaches for the sky.

Otto Hartmann would do anything to be a pilot. With Berlin blockaded by the Soviets, the Americans fly to the rescue and Otto’s captivated by the matinee-idol pilots dropping chocolate for the city’s hungry kids. But never mind the Hershey bars – he wants to be up there with them.

Now Otto has to choose between those he loves or flying from a ruined city where danger lurks around every corner. And nobody is who they seem, but children are battling to survive in a desperate war-torn city.

Sweet Skies will be Robin Scott-Elliot’s fourth historical fiction novel published by Everything With Words. His latest, Hide and Seek, was a Spectator Children’s Book of the Year for 2021. His debut, The Tzar’s Curious Runaways, was a Telegraph Children’s Book of the Year for 2019. The Acrobats of Agra was one of the Observer’s Children’s Books of the Year for 2020.

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Robin Scott-Elliot

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Robin Scott-Elliot

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