Harvey is a small boy in a giant world. On stilts.

When Harvey accidentally sets fire to his headteacher’s trousers, Mum decides it’s time for a BIG change. So, she packs him off to Madame Bogbrush’s School for Gifted Giants.

He’ll grunt. He’ll clomp. He’ll bash things with clubs. But Harvey’s not a giant. He’s a boy on stilts. And if his classmates find out, they’ll stomp him into a sandwich!

Then the Beastly School Board arrives for a surprise inspection and Harvey realises he’s not the only one in danger…




‘A GIANT triumph! Funny, creative and heart-warming. I adored everything from the hilarious giant-school timetables to the swampfish and bogweed sandwiches. And who wouldn’t want a best friend like Walloping Toenail? Loved this MG’  

—A. F. Steadman, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

‘Funny and yucky with characterful caricatures by Rory Walker … likely to be a hit read aloud. Expect a sequel involving vampires’
–The Sunday Times Book of the Week, Best Books of the Year
‘Funny, heartwarming delightful début’
—The Bookseller, One to Watch

‘Riotous fun’ —Amanda Craig, New Statesman

‘Vast in humour and heart. A giant of a book.’

—Zillah Bethell, The Shark Caller

‘It’s funny, it’s silly and it’s simply delightful. Fun with a giant-sized ‘F’’

—Rashmi Sirdeshpande,  Never Show a T-Rex a Book

‘Bursting with big laughs, literally larger-than-life characters and more crazy ideas than you can shake a pair of stilts at, Small! is an absolute riot. It’s got weirdness, warmth, an awful lot of walloping and the scariest clipboard in literature. I loved it!’

—James Harris, The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory

‘Hannah has created a richly imagined world that feels completely believable and realistic. A giant of a story full of bravery, adventure and self-belief. Packed with humour and heart, this is bound to entertain and engage younger readers.’

Booklover Jo

‘It’s epic. Massive fun, giant amounts of silliness and a huge heart. I loved every page of it.’

—Tom Vaughan, Bin Boy

‘A totally original tall tale that’s spurt-your-tea-out funny.’

—Lucy Brandt,  Leonora Bolt: Secret inventor

‘There are not enough stories about giants! Delightfully off-the-wall and full of everything that makes children laugh, Small! by Hannah Moffatt
is fantastic for LKS2.’

—Kate Heap,  Scope for Imagination

‘This seriously silly story has enough bogeys, burps, and bad smells to entertain any 9-11 year old; but underneath the stinky swamp goblins and swamp-paste sandwiches, there’s a strong message about not carrying the blame for things that aren’t your fault.’

Book Trust


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198mm x 129mm








June 16th 2022


Hannah Moffatt