We are very keen to develop new talents and we are open to fresh ideas. We only publish fiction.

What we are particularly looking for:

  • Characters that intrigue and convince;
  • a plot that takes the reader by surprise;
  • writing that avoids clichés both of thought and phrase

 Please send a brief summary, something about yourself and three chapters or the first fifty pages

Children’s Fiction

We are not open to unsolicited submissions for children’s fiction at the moment.

We publish paperback books for children aged seven to young adult. We do NOT publish picture books or stories in rhyme for young children. We do not publish books where the main aim is didactic – we are looking for good stories. Your book should be between forty and eighty thousand words.

Adult fiction

We will be publishing adult fiction from 2020. We will not be publishing crime or fantasy and our taste is literary but catholic.

Short Story Anthology

We’ll be publishing and anthology of short stories with an introduction by Amanda Craig in March 2021. The theme is is Solitude. Word length between two and six thousand words. No mention of COVID-19!

We will try to answer within six weeks.

Please send your submission to info at everythingwithwords.com and put submission and what you are submitting ( short story, adult fiction, children’s fiction) in the subject line.