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8 September 2017

School visit

Cheadle Hulme High school invited us in to do a day of creative writing with years eight, nine, ten and 12. I find such workshops exciting, they are never the same; each one has its own dynamics as we all come together to write.  I came across some wonderful writing:

‘No definite details or fickle features.’
‘I turn with instant regret.’
‘Questions came trickling through my mind.’
‘Dull. Duller than the dimmest light.’

Years eight to nine were asked to describe an meeting between a the main character ( who could also be the  narrator) and a mysterious person ( who might be dangerous!) in a strange and creepy place. They could choose anywhere but there should be hardly any action and they must avoid words that might give anything away, like haunted. I find that this works really well as pupils slip into description unawares!

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