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3 May 2020

Richard Lambert and Michelle Paver in conversation

Listen to an intriguing conversation between Michelle Paver and Richard Lambert about inspiration, wolves and how they both write.

It’s part of Book Bound, a great book festival bringing you a wonderful variety of voices in lockdown, the creation of the inspiring Georgie Codd. Wolves are important for both authors — they are part of their fiction because of their singular lives and complicated relationship to us. A wolf is truly of the wild though like us it is sustained by vital relationships with the pack. Do wolves think of revenge or this a purely human desire? How to you identify with a wolf? A wolf and the idea of wolves haunts the narrator of The Wolf Road—why and where did Richard first come across wolves? Michelle and Richard explore these questions as well as how to distill fiction out of fact and we learn some interesting things about their writing careers. Enjoy!

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