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13 November 2017

Our readers—reviews by young reviewers

We’ve been sending out copies of our books to young reviewers and we’ve received some lively, engaged, honest, fun to read reviews from what I suspect are authors of the future. James asks some serious questions about skeletons when reviewing King Bones:

I found King Bones exciting and fun. I loved the characters in it. And Mr and Mrs Bouygues are very odd, especially how Mr Bouygues  makes road kill pancakes and collects bugs to eat. My favourite character is King Bones because he is funny and caring soul, if skeletons have souls. I think Chris Hallatt Wells will have to write a second story because of the wonderful mysterious ending.

Pranaav has this to say— I think you get quite a feel for the book!

Danny Bouygues travels through places you can’t imagine because they’re so diabolically abysmal. Although this may seem like a miserable story, never fear for this book is not all snivel! It has such a griping story line I could hardly out it down. This book is exceedingly outstanding and hilarious.

from Dylan Dears we had a review of Dylan and the Deadly Dimension:

My favourite character of the story was Rollo because at  of the start of the story he was a bit mysterious but near the end he starts showing the fun side of him when he slips to other dimensions.

Priya read Maxim’s All Night Diner. Her favourite character was the Wask,  a creature who looks a bit like a Walrus and is very curious. I think he’s my favourite too!

My favourite character is the Wask because he’s a shy, innocent and observant character who is eager to know everything. Like me.

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