Mondadori buys rights to The Wolf Road

The distinguished Italian publisher Mondadori has bought the rights to the Wolf Road which will be coming out in Italian in 2022. Here are the editor’s thoughts:

“What struck me most about this intense, moving novel was the protagonist’s voice: its credible way of conveying the thoughts and emotions of a teenager and his at times unfathomable behaviour. It reminded me of Kevin Brooks, an author I love and greatly admire for the same rare talent of making his characters real by addressing youngsters with sincerity. Both the descriptions of the unspoiled Northern England landscapes and the more inward-looking parts of the book are enriched by a lyrical, figurative language that is both powerful and evocative.”

Russian rights to The Wolf Road have been sold to AST one of the largest Russian publishers.

Branford Boase

April 24, 2021

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April 24, 2021