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The Corny Scaredy-Cat Paranormal Investigation Squad

David Wandsworth, illustrated by Rory Walker


28 October 2022









A comic debut full of strong, memorable characters and a plot littered with twists and turns.

Eleven-year-old Alastair leads a lonely life in darkest Cornwall: his parents ignore him, his only friend has moved away, and he’s beset by a plethora of frankly embarrassing nervous conditions that ensures permanent ostracism from the rest of his class. But then who should arrive in the village but Saoirse, a new girl, cool where Alastair’s pathetic, smart where he’s perennially confused, unconcerned with school popularity contests and obsessed with unsolved mysteries involving ghosts. In her wake is her adorably potty-mouthed little brother Billy, crazy, reckless, a force of nature and a law unto himself.Everywhere he goes, Billy creates a hurricane of chaos to which he’s oblivious. Saoirse pressgangs Alastair and Billy into a team of wonderfully incompetent ghost hunters and through their adventure into the village’s murky past, replete with sinister sword wielding ghosts, Alastair is forced to confront his own shortcomings as well as his greatest fears.

A laugh out loud, riotous adventure with heaps of heart, ghostly goings on, and a little brother living his best life

– Miss Cleveland writes

With Rory Walker’s anarchic illustrations bringing the ghost hunters’ comic adventures to life, Wandsworth’s twisting, turning, riotous romp cannot fail to tickle young readers’ funny bones. Add on a cast of adorable and quirky characters, important themes of friendship, being true to yourself and overcoming insecurities, and you have a brilliant story that entertains, empowers… and makes you laugh!

– The Lancashire Post

David Walliams meets Goosebumps

– The Bookseller

Brilliantly funny

– AssetreadingAdvocate

The perfect mix of creepy and funny to keep the readers turning pages long into the night

– Scope for Imagination

This quirky, creepy tale of ghost hunters, set in Cornwall has a big heart. It’s also great fun

– Irish Examiner, Best Books of 2022

Hold on to your seat, believe in the powerful magic of the storytelling, and you will be rewarded with a tale full of danger, mystery, subterfuge and lots of humour as this amazing story leads Wong and Thyme and the reader into a world that is enticingly scary and full of mind-bending surprises.

– School Reading List

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