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Runner Hawk

Michael Egan




October 26th 2023









Something is happening to Leo, something is happening to his world, but will anyone listen?

Leo Roslin knows that he’s running out of time. He can feel his body breaking down and dreams seeping into his waking life blurring the line with reality. He sees a runner who isn’t there, a hawk standing still in the air in the way no hawk can, and finally a girl who has died. Leo is the only one who can help Eadie discover who killed her sister, but he’s running out of time. Ishiguro’s Never Let me Go meets The Catcher in the Rye in this beautifully crafted coming of age love story and fantasy thriller.

A Times & Sunday Times Best Book of the Year 2023

Mesmerising, poetic and a cognitive blast

– Zillah Bethell, author of The Shark Caller

There is a dark magic to the world Egan explores

– Jenn Ashworth, author of Ghosted

A richly atmospheric novel with a dark revelation at its heart

– Richard Lambert, author of The Wolf Road

Egan subtly and intelligently sows the seeds of Leo’s reality through the narrative, with Leo as the narrator, to give more immediacy. The ethical and moral implications are similarly woven through the storyline so that his position as an author becomes clear without the need for literary hammer blows *****

– Books for Keeps

With consummate skill, Michael Egan draws you into Leo’s disturbed and disturbing experience, and makes it riveting. Runner Hawk combines the sensibility of a true poet with the narrative power of a fine novelist. It may be bleak but it is also beautiful, in word and thought. It is devastatingly brilliant. It runs. It flies.

– Gordon Askew Magic Fiction

A sophisticated novel with a challenging ending. It’s the story of 17-year-old Leo who finds time doing strange things, and then runs out of it. Is about rite-of-passage relationships including a near-consummation, a romance involving a painful mystery, and the mentorship of a rakish literary uncle. 

– Nicolette Jones The Times

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