The Sound of Everything


Winner of the Everything with Words’ YA Competition 2019 judged by Patrice Lawrence, The Sound of Everything is a heart-felt coming of age story for all those who struggle to feel like they deserve love.

Betrayal, rejection, violence Kadie has known it all. She’s tough and prepared for everything. Everything except love. The first step in changing the world is to change yourself— can Kadie do it?



‘A stunning new voice. Outstanding, complex writing. So pleased this book is here!’ Patrice Lawrence

‘A rare precocious talent’  Alex Wheatle

‘A remarkably accomplished debut from a truly talented author’ Jenny Downham

‘Fizzing with energy and purpose, a vibrant new voice in UK YA’  Lisa Williamson

‘Firmly establishing herself as the genre’s most exciting new voice with this outstanding debut novel The Sound of Everything…exquisitely perceptive . . . A sensitive, mesmerising coming-of-age novel, this is a must-read for any YA devotee.’  The Independent, 15 best young adult books for 2021, Best New Talent

‘Debut author Rebecca Henry springs on to the YA scene with The Sound of Everything, an energetic and heart-wrenching account of a life in foster care. . . Henry’s ear for dialect and slang is particularly strong, and her depiction of adolescent bullying in the social-media age devastatingly sharp.” Irish Times

‘Complex, challenging Kadie has been bounced from foster home to foster home, betrayal to betrayal. But though the noise of the everyday often threatens to overwhelm her, she has a talent for music – one that prompts her to forge an unlikely alliance with Dayan, also a gifted musician. As envious girls begin a campaign of online hate against her, can Kadie bring herself to trust Dayan and let him in? A brilliantly assured first novel, evoking all the stored-up, defensive hurt of the serially rejected child ‘ Guardian

‘It’s doubtful there could be a more authentic teenage voice than that of Kadie in The Sound of Everything’  FT

Nominated for the Carnegie 2022 Shortlisted for The Sheffield Children’s Award, Shortlisted for the Jhalak Children’s and YA Prize

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198mm x 129mm






July 22nd 2021, May 2020




Rebecca Henry