The Elephant That Ate The Night


Zhazha the porcupine and his friends  Duoduo the bear cub and Taotao the monkey live in the Dark Mushroom Forest. They hate the dark night and are afraid that it might SWALLOW them up. Then Awu the elephant arrives. Awu doesn’t eat leaves, he doesn’t grass. He only eats dark nights. ‘It’s yummier than bananas, tastier than grass, and crunchier than bamboo,’ says Awu. ‘And it’s got my name on it.’ And the darkness disappears up his trunk. Soon the night is ALL GONE  but when there is no darkness lurking anywhere,  everyone begins to yawn and is too tired to play. Even the tigers lose their roars and the Dark Mushroom Forest becomes an annoying yawning place…

The perfect bed time story for those who hate the dark by prize winning author Bing Bai and Illustrator Yuanyuan Shen.



‘Feels like a classic. This Book has SOUL’ Sophie Anderson, The House with Chicken Legs

‘The cautionary tale of an elephant who gobbles up the night, ideal for those scared of the dark.’ The Telegraph Christmas roundup 2018

‘A lovely bedtime story, full of beautiful images and reassuring thoughts, to send children happily off to sleep.’ Parents in Touch

Book Details


230mm × 250mm


Picture book




15th November 2018




Bing Bai,

Yuanyuan Shen