Small Bites Back


The hilarious sequel to Small!

But you need no previous knowledge to enjoy this comic gem full of vampires, werewolves and evil tooth fairies.

Praise for Small!

‘Riotous fun’ -Amanda Craig, New Statesman

‘Funny and yucky…likely to be a hit read aloud’ Sunday Times Book of the Week

‘A GIANT triumph! Funny, creative and heart-warming. I adored everything from the hilarious giant-school timetables to the swampfish and bogweed sandwiches. And who wouldn’t want a best friend like Walloping Toenail? Loved this MG’

-A. F. Steadman, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

‘A totally original tall tale that’s spurt-your-tea-out funny.’

-Lucy Brandt, Leonora Bolt: Secret inventor

‘Vast in humour and heart. A giant of a book.’

-Zillah Bethell, The Shark Caller



In Small! Harvey went to a school for giants- but now we follow Harvey and his friend Walloping Toenail into the Vampire mountains as they try to work out what made the Never-Ending Contracts never-ending and tied Norma Enormous and the Skelephant to the Unspeakable Circus. Something’s bitten the contracts. Could it be something with never-ending venom? As the new Chosen One, Harvey thinks it’s his job to find out.Viscount Bloodsucker, head of the school for vampire dentists (polish up your fangs!) promises to help. But Harvey will have to move fast, because the Unspeakable Circus is on his tail, and Mistress Ring has a great idea for a new act – feeding a Small to the zombie lions!

Book Details


198mm x 129mm




Hannah Moffatt

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