The Wolf Road


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A novel about grief, fitting in and growing up.

Shortlisted for The Caledonia Novel Award.

‘The Wolf Road is a beautiful and suspenseful novel that holds you in its claws from first page to last. A tale of loss that is also a gripping thriller, a realistic study of grief that skirts the margins of fantasy, it walks wolf-like between worlds and genres. Richard Lambert writes with a poet’s eye; he has created something magical here. The storytelling is as bold, sinewy and uncompromising as the beast that shadows Lucas in the mountains above his home. This is a wonderful read and the advent of an exciting new voice in children’s fiction.’ – Jonathan Stroud

‘A stunning, special debut about love and loss and how the wildness can save us.’ – Chelsey Flood

‘A smart chilling page-turner that kept me guessing right up to the end’ – Hayley Long

‘Moving, menacing, written with cinematic clarity’ – Andrew Cowan



When fifteen-year old Lucas survives the car accident that kills his parents, one memory stays with him – of the wolf that caused the crash. Forced to leave his home and live with his Nan in the Lake District, Lucas struggles to adjust to his strange, new world. And when he learns that a wild creature is killing livestock on the mountains, he knows it’s the wolf, that it’s come for him, and that he must face it. But that means confrontation – with Nan, school bullies, the authorities – and it also means going onto the high fells in a hunt that becomes a matter of life and death…

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198mm x 129mm






March 2020




Richard Lambert