The theme this month is dragons. Our author Miranda Twist is working on her Unreliable History of Dragons.  At the moment she is investigating Chinese dragons. ‘ There are dragons found in stories all over the world. They are wonderfully different and that makes reading the stories all the more fun,’ says Miranda. ‘ You just can’t believe what dragons get up to!’

To celebrate dragons, we are inviting primary school children to send us stories about dragons. They must must be between between five hundred and a thousand words long and we must receive them before July 20th. Your story must be submitted by a teacher in your school, using the submission portal. The five best story tellers will get a signed copy of Once in a Blue Moon by Miranda Twist, author and dragonologist ( expert on dragons) and we will publish extracts from your stories on our website.

A Chinese dragon sitting down and lost in thoughts. Bronze sculpture from the Tang dynasty.