This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jimmy


Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine—a story of unpredictable passions, unforgettable characters and the battle of Narvik.  Dr Molly Beaujolais ( Lecturer in Performing Arts and Applied Theatre) and Jonathan Nylon ( Lecturer in History) both keep diaries and have offices right next door to one another but it takes them quite a few  diary entries before they meet:

September 11th – Dr Jonathan Nylon
Parliament has been prorogued – the lights have gone down in the halls of Westminster. I went to Westminster library to get my affairs in order for Monday. It took me all afternoon and a fair portion of the evening to rifle through the student mug shots and draft out a few lecture plans. Key themes are: sex and death. I always come back to these, like a homing pigeon. I should have been a journalist.

September 16th – Dr Molly Beaujolais
Oh dear, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do with these students – they’re running for the hills already, but not Julie Andrew’s hills – alive with musical and theatrical opportunity. More like a modest country hillock, followed by a very steep ravine.
My first personal tutor session over-ran by half an hour. I had a student who wants to transfer to a Music Theatre course at the RAM. Most of the session was taken up with him mewling like a cat (he is planning on auditioning for Deuteronomy).

But then they meet—and that complicates two lives that have more than a touch of loneliness,  even if  some of Molly’s time is  taken up with lovers — Vincent who seems more body than soul though he would deny it and Pablo and Beacon who left their souls somewhere and then forgot  about them — working on the fictitious life of  Nathaniel Bucket and university life and, of course the world. Who isn’t? We are in 2019  heading for  2020. Jonathan Nylon obsesses about his presentation  of the battle of Narvik, his course on medieval  disease and punishment, his impossible lodger and the world. Wickedly funny, clever and daring. And touching because it’s  all about being human in a lonely world.


“We are all born mad. Some remain so.”
― Samuel Beckett

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198mm x 129mm








June 8th 2022


Laura Clark