The Kingdom of Broken Magic


A whirlwind of a story with talking tigers, a knitting elephant and a sinister monkey. In the Kingdom of Broken Magic, who can you trust?

People are disappearing from the circus!


Inseparable pickpockets Maggie and Josh live at The Scribbens’ Home for Very Wayward Children, run by the villainous Miss Scribbens and her sidekick, Scour.  Maggie pickpockets what she thinks is a jewel from an elderly gentleman, and runs away, breaking her promise to Josh that they will always stay together.

Trapeze artist Madam Lulu rescues her from being trampled by a circus parade and offers to train her in aerial skills. But people are disappearing from the circus and soon Maggie disappears too and finds herself in the Kingdom of Broken Magic along with other missing circus performers from around the world. How will they escape?

Book Details


198mm x 129mm


Paperback, illustrated




June 8th 2023


Christine Aziz