Once In A Blue Moon


Henry knows that there’s magic in the wood—magic that can turn evil when the moon is blue. Once in a blue moon everything can happen and now the moon is blue. Deep in the wood behind Henry garden, trolls, invisible crocodiles, witches and strange creatures —the garingay and the yo yitsoo — are celebrating Grandpa Yo Yitsoo’s birthday on a pirate ship. Henry’s dad doesn’t believe in magic—he knows twenty-six reasons why trolls don’t exist— but now he’s been turned into something with the head of pelican and the tail of a fox and put in a cage. There he will remain, unless Henry, his sister Lucy, the smallest troll in the world and a monkey faced creature called Fiendish can defeat Grandpa and Grandma Yo Yitsoo and the wicked garingay…



  • An exciting debut author.
  • A delicious combination of humour and scary moments.
  • A host of wicked creatures and larger than life human characters like Henry’s dad who knows twenty-six reasons why trolls don’t exist.
  • A plot full of surprises driven by the dark desires of strange creatures who have more magic than is good for them or for anyone else.
  • With eleven line funny drawings by Karen Donnelly who has done numerous illustrations for Harper Collins, Macmillan, Heinemann and Usborne, among them Withering Tights and Midsummer Tights by Louise Rennison (Harper Collins), Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol (Real Reads).

‘A wonderful inventive story about the power of the imagination with a touch of darkness that reminded me of The Enchanted Wood.’ Alison Moore, author of The Lighthouse, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize

‘A mad-dash fever dream of a book peppered with magic, fancy, and just a little bit of soul.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘I really liked this book as I love books about magic and adventure and this one is full of it.’ Toppsta

Book Details


198mm x 129mm


Paperback, illustrated




April 2017




Miranda Twist