Dylan And The Deadly Dimension


When Dylan Thompson discovers a snake under the plughole in his bathroom, life takes a peculiar turn in this gripping fantasy adventure.

After his mother’s death, Dylan lives on his own with his father. Changing schools all the time, he escapes into fantasy world of books. Then strange things start to happen: a snake appears in the bathroom, unpredictable and sinister creatures from other realities emerge out of dark clouds. Dylan befriends Rollo,  a creature with an egg shaped head from another reality, and discovers that our world is about to be devoured by the Deadly Dimension. This can only be stopped if Dylan can discover the dark secret of Mr. Ebenezer’s bookshop…



Longlisted for the Pan Macmillan Write Now Prize

  • A fantasy adventure with an unusual and gripping plot.
  • Fast paced and humorous.
  • A host of engaging characters that will appeal to young readers.
  • For children aged ten and up

‘This gripping fantasy adventure.’ The judges, Pan MacMillan Write Now Prize

‘Nifty worldbuilding and creative ideas in a fast-paced adventure.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘An exciting story, full of humorous twists and turns, weird dimensions and characters.’ The Primary Times

‘Full of adventure ,wacky worlds, baffling creatures,humour, a crazy read. I couldn’t put it down.’ Toppsta

Book Details


198mm x 129mm






May 2017




Mark Bardwell