About Us


Everything with Words is a a small independent publisher of children’s books. We publish high quality books by new talent and well known authors.  Stories with intriguing plots and memorable characters—books you can’t easily put down.  We like stories that give you goose bumps and make you laugh. We are a child centred imprint and some of our profits will go to helping street children all over the world.

I am a novelist and translator. I set up Everything with Words with the aim of bringing authors into schools to do creative writing workshops. I have visited several hundred schools doing workshops, an invaluable experience that has taught me some surprising things about the nature of story telling which is as much part of being human as using language itself. I grew up in Denmark and I have a special love of fairy tales that probably comes from being introduced as a child to the powerful stories of  Hans Christian Andersen which my parents would read out loud. Many of the characters in his stories are both cruel and powerful—his fantasy world is not comfortable and that’s what makes it engaging.  I like stories that have an edge of darkness and danger which I think is shared by most readers, children and adult alike.

Mikka Haugaard

A troll telling stories to a wooly mammoth from Once in a Blue Moon