Dragons are fascinating beasts. Chinese dragons have five claws if they are  royal, four claws if they  have no royal blood. According to the ancient Greeks, the hero Cadmus killed a dragon and was told by Athena to sow its teeth from which sprang the Thebans fully armed. I am researching

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Publishing children’s books

In  2017 Everything with Words will be publishing books for children. This is a new and exciting venture which is natural development from doing creative writing workshops in schools all over the country. We feel strongly about books that surprise the reader  with something interesting and new. Something fresh to

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Funny how a long walk or a swim can make you feel more like writing. Seeing faces is important too. Sometimes  there is nothing like taking the bus or the train for inspiration. The faces stay with you, make you think. Haunting.

Reading Gothic novels

I've just finished Frankenstein, a strange and haunting book. I can understand why the Gothic novel  had such a hold on people. It does lure you on, even if your instinctive reaction is that it is just a touch silly...