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The Big Hippo Guide To Democracy, Referendums, General Elections (And All That)


A brilliantly funny guide to how our democracy works or fails to work. The world of Westminster laid bare in cool, understated prose brimming with irony and seen through Martin Rowson’s sharp, satirical eye. What happens when your referendum goes haywire, your election fails to deliver and lies, truth and fake-news battle it out in cyber space to the cheers and tears of those grappling for power. All in the interest of the people…

The hilarious joint creation of Bob Marshall Andrews, author, barrister, former Labour MP for Medway, thorn in Tony Blair’s side, guest on Have I Got News for You and multi award winning cartoonist, author, illustrator, writer and poet Martin Rowson. Just what you need in Brexit Britain to keep your flag flying and madness at bay. If possible…

• £8.99
• Published July 25th 2019
• Paperback, 200mmx180mm, 48 pages
• ISBN 978-1-911427-12-4

Bob Marshall Andrews is a novelist, barrister and former Labour MP for Medway. His sharp comments have long made him known as the scourge of Westminster. Praise for Off Message, his account of his time as an MP:

‘Full of wit, warmth, wisdom – and wine.’ – Ian Hislop

‘Passionate, whimsical and highly entertaining’ – The Observer

‘One of the most entertaining, irreverent, and magnificently self-indulgent political memoirs to emerge from the New Labour era’ – The Times

Martin Rowson is a multi-award winning cartoonist and writer whose work has appeared regularly over the past 30 years in The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mirror, The Independent on Sunday, The Irish Times, Time Out, Tribune, The Spectator, The New Statesman, Morning Star, The Daily Express and many other papers & periodicals. His books include graphic novelizations of The Waste Land, The Communist Manifesto, Tristram Shandy, and Gulliver’s Travels, while Stuff, his memoir about clearing out his late parents’ house, was long-listed for the 2007 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction.