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Maxim’s All Night Diner

– ‘There is a risk, because everything is still happening. The story doesn’t end although it’s got a beginning. All stories begin somewhere, but they don’t end anywhere. So you will have to agree.’
– ‘Agree to what?’
– ‘Agree to become part of the story.’

Annabel is doing research on witches in London—there are plenty of them if you just know where to look and not just in London, but in New York too, hiding in Grand Central Station. In fact, everywhere— beneath the dull surface of the everyday—lurks the world of magic. Annabel meets Patrick, the seventh son of a seventh son, and gets taken to Maxim’s All Night Diner where witches, trolls and goblins meet and tell their awesome stories but before you can listen to any of them, you have to accept that there is a risk: you may become part of a story and never escape. All stories have a beginning, but not all of them have an end…

‘Fine, rumbustious story telling.’
– Jill Paton Walsh, winner of the Smarties Prize

‘Lively, engaging with a lovely touch of humour.’
– Aidan Chambers, winner of the Carnegie Medal

‘Haugaard writes with wit, flair and Invention.’ The Independent

Illustrated with line drawings by Stephanie von Reiswitz, who has done illustrations for Faber &Faber, Harper Collins, Random House, Penguin, V&A, Marie Claire, to mention a few. She says she enjoyed illustrating Maxim’s All Night Diner.
‘It fits in with my penchant for the mysterious and darkly funny.’

May 2017
Ages 7-9
Paperback illustrated
198mm x 129mm/208 pages
ISBN 978-1-911427-00-1