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King Bones— a comic fantasy with skeletons…



A comic fantasy  —with skeletons— set in modern day England.

‘Being good at being bad is easy. Almost anyone can do it. But being truly evil requires practice. Lots of practice.’

Danny’s mum and dad run the worst restaurant in England and possibly the world. His dad is a great cook, if you like crunchy rat-tail noodles cooked to perfection! But then his mum and dad decide to steal the Crown Jewels and  Danny is sent to live with Aunty Ratbag who happens to be EVIL,  though a little rusty when it comes to being perfectly evil. She is just a little out of practice when Danny turns up in the disgusting town of Greezy. What a pice of luck for Aunty Ratbag! A perfect specimen for her to practice on  and fulfil her dreams of becoming perfectly evil .  Then, in the murky graveyard of Greezy, Danny meets King Bones and King Bones has a mission for Danny….

A rollicking, hilarious, page-turning romp. Chris understands what keeps children gripped and writes with wit,originality, energy and fun.  Beautifully, irreverently written  with energy, fun and style. The characters burst from the page, the gleeful prose glitters, the plot never lets up pace. Helen Fielding.


• £6.99
• Published November 2017
• Paperback
• Illustrated throughout with line drawings • 198mmx129mm/252 pages
• ISBN 978-1-911427-04-9


Book Categories: Fantasy

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