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King Bones— a comic fantasy with skeletons…



A comic fantasy  —with skeletons— set in modern day England. For children age eight and up!

‘Being good at being bad is easy. Almost anyone can do it. But being truly evil requires practice. Lots of practice.’

When Danny’s parents are imprisoned for stealing the Crown jewels, he is sent to live with his evil Aunty Ratbag in the grim town of Greezy. How will Danny survive as the most hated child in England?

Then, in the murky town of Greezy, he meets King Bones. And King Bones has a mission for Danny…

What readers think

Older readers…

A rollicking, hilarious, page-turning romp. Chris understands what keeps children gripped and writes with wit,originality, energy and fun.  Beautifully, irreverently written  with energy, fun and style. The characters burst from the page, the gleeful prose glitters, the plot never lets up pace. Helen Fielding alias Bridget Jones.

King Bones is a story packed with humour and invention that spreads through its pages like wildfire. A rattling good read, certain to ignite any reader’s imagination. Brilliantly bonkersGareth P. Jones The Thornthwaite Inheritance  and the Considine Curse

Younger readers…

This book is jam packed full of adventure and mystery. It’s brilliant! You never quite know what to expect next as you turn the page. Liam Clifton (age 10)

Danny Bouygues travels through places you can’t imagine because they’re so diabolically abysmal. Although this may seem like a miserable story, never fear for this book is not all snivel! It has such a gripping storyline I could hardly put it down. This book is exceedingly outstanding and hilarious. Pranaav Vijayan (age 10)

Brilliant description, especially of the skeleton army. My favourite character is King Bones because he is funny and a caring soul. Well, if skeletons have souls. I think Chris Hallatt Wells will have to write a second story because of the wonderful mysterious ending. James McConnel (age 10)

Fantastic. My only criticism is that, for all this enjoyment, the book isn’t longer. Did I mention it was irresistibly funny?


• £6.99
• Published November 16th 2017
• Paperback
• Illustrated throughout with line drawings • 198mmx129mm/252 pages
• ISBN 978-1-911427-04-9


Book Categories: Fantasy.

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