Four star review for We Other in The Sun

We Other is a great page turner—a lively plot and engaging characters. Here's what Natasha Harding wrote in The Sun JESS thought she knew what having a hard time was all about. Living on a tough estate with a drunk of a mum and her nasty boyfriend means she’s had more knocks than most. However, she soon learns there’s truth in the saying “better the devil you know” because her whole existence is a sham. Jess is about to inhabit another world where much darker forces are at work. In fact, they make her mum’s latest conquest look like a walk in the park... ****

Interviews with dragons

I met my first dragonoligst  on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. He drew dragons in the sand explaining their habits, likes, fears and desires. (more…)

Once in a Blue Moon, a book for young readers full of magic and humour gets great review in Kirkus

Great review in Kirkus  of  Once in a Blue Moon by Miranda Twist, a brilliantly funny  book for children, nine and older. This just published book for children is about magic going wonderfully and dangerously wrong. Once in a Blue Moon is Miranda Twist's first book for children. She says that humour is her natural element. 'I so enjoyed creating the twists and turns in this story. It's great that so many  readers have enjoyed it too.'  In once in a Blue Moon, a host of strange creatures , including a troll and a six legged dog appear unexpectedly in an 'ordinary' garden. Beyond the garden is a wood, and in the wood strange things are happening because it's Grandpa Yo Yitsoo's birthday and he's having a pirate party to which everyone is invited, everyone except Grandma Yo Yitsoo  with her wicked and scrumdiddlyumtious cup cakes that can shrink people and creatures in a matter of seconds. Here's what Kirkus said: 'An ill-used imagination conjures up some serious big-time baddies in this charming English import. It’s bad enough when your sister is the family do-gooder, but now she can perform magic as well? And not just any magic either, since Lucy now has the ability to invent any creature from scratch. When a magic wood behind their home grants Henry’s sister this awe-inspiring gift, he soon learns that she’s in danger from her own creations. The garingay want to steal her away, the yo yitsoo are on the prowl, and dangerous cupcakes are shrinking…

Fox in winter sun

There's a winter sun playing around my garden, no wind, bright air and a fine cold that wraps you round, tingles your toes. He's looking straight at me, pausing thoughtfully, a paw raised to sprint or just walk away, turn his back on my familiar figure. We've met before—happy New Year fox. His raised paw touches the ground, for a second we exchange greetings, then he's off on some urban mission. Slower, I'm left behind, staring at the empty space. I imagine him, bright eyed, fox eyed slipping through  on his mission to survive—we're far too slow and I envy him that speed, the way he can dash through a bush. That should be me.  At night he'll be hunting in the small urban wood my bedroom window overlooks or I can see him, a fantasy fox driving a taxi  when dusk turns a deep blue,  ploughing the streets of London in clapped out old car, an uber fox.

Young writers

I spent Friday in Telford doing creative writing with a small class of year nine. Some wanted to talk to get inspiration, one girl knew immediately what she wanted to write. She had a way of submerging herself as if the rest of us had vanished that made me tantalised. When she let me look, I saw some impressive writing. She described tears as ' not being tears of sadness. She was crying because she was confused. The bewilderment of the predicament she was in was enough to make anyone question existence and the mind of people.'  The main character finds herself in a dream world: ' The melancholy tune filled the air once more. Her suspicions grew stronger. Where was she? Why was she here? Whose game was it and why was she the piece they were toying with? She lay down to rest, to let all her fears and feelings flood from her body, like a stream of water falling down a mountain side.' Jolie says  she will one day write a book and I believe she will.